The Conductor’s Wife

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Ginevra Molinari is a concert pianist based in Paris.  An injury to her right hand suspends her career and she is forced to take a journey of intense self discovery.  Aided by the enigmatic teacher Julien Audan-Broussard, she comes to terms with her own unique gifts and begins to understand the force of music in her life.  She has also embarked on a deeply felt but strained love-affair with a talented young American violinist.  Meanwhile, her conductor husband Markus’ increasing emotional imbalance and his obsession with the life and works of Gustav Mahler draws a parallel in their lives and leads to startling dénouement.

A novel about the redemptive power of music and the sometimes dark and profound passions it absolves.  It also explores the emotive power of the creative force in the individual and the often indistinct line between art and life.