Synchronicity and SNCF

by Barbara Maria Rathbone


View from the train, Nice.

It has been a pleasure and sometimes a deep pain to experience synchronicity – things that seem random and coincidental suddenly appear to have a profounder significance, forming a distinctive pattern that seems like no accident but design.  Numbers appear to be related, initials of names, colours, timelines, shapes all recognisible, assemble in a pattern.  If Jung is right, we are designed as humans to seek comfort from patterns and symbols, it is how we order our world, give is deeper meaning and significance – we are the idol makers and icon designers of the universe.  If there is a God,  it would be ‘it’ who is the grand architect of our thoughts and the great orchestrator of the world we see and think we know…but as we cannot prove there is either a God or not, it is just us spinning our thoughts into harmonic order.

In its way, love is a part of this design.  Love is destiny – those we come to love, and I am talking those unconditional loves that come and go, are markers on our way to whoever we seek to be.  When a well of passion springs up in us in sensual response to someone we barely know, it asks us to listen to who we are, and whatever pleasure or indeed inevitable pain there is in such love as we find, it is just another beat of the better selves we seek.  Love to me has always been a surprise and even now I cannot believe it, but for good and ill, and I have certainly seen both in recent times, I will enjoy it.

I love trains, particularly in France.  The current SNCF jingle is a constant joy! Listen –

Musique SNCF